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a multi-disciplinary Brand & Design Studio

Inspired people
inspire people.
Mined is a branding and design studio that creates deeply thoughtful identities and experiences worth sharing with the world.
The days of an organization behaving one way and presenting itself differently are over. People expect brands to show up authentically, their words congruent with their actions and the human experience they provide.

An authentic and thoughtfully designed brand experience has the potential to be memorable and meaningful, inspiring and impactful, personable and profitable.

This drives us to work with purpose-driven brands who see the tangible value of an intentional identity system—visual, verbal, audible, and even operational—to ensure consistency between how a company is experienced by its clients, partners, and team members alike. We believe this is because we are all fundamentally driven toward purpose and beauty.

We design brand experiences from the inside out.

What People Call Us For

Finding new ways for a business to show up in a modern world
Breathing personality and life into a big hairy audacious vision
Telling the story of a company with a rich history and bright future
Invigorating cultural institutions with an attractive fresh perspective
Merging multiple company experiences into one cohesive culture

What We Do

We work to distill the complexities of a company’s value into a communicable and consistent brand expression that alleviates brand confusion and builds profitable brand loyalty.
The MINED Process figureThe process for MINED, discover, distill, define, design, deliver


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity Systems
Communication Platform
Design Strategy/Direction
Naming & Voice
Graphic Design & Illustration
Print & Packaging Design
Editorial Design
Product Design
Branded Spaces & Wayfinding
Art Direction & Photography
Website Design & Development
Copywriting & Script Writing
Video & Animation
Sound Design & Audio Branding

Who We Are

We are strategic thinkers who see the big picture and sweat the details. We always have our sleeves rolled up and have the will to find the way. We are well-connected, constantly making beauty with our trusted collaborators. Together, we’re creating experiences that are worth the dig.
Rony Mikhael
Strategy, Creative Direction & Design
headshot of Rony Mikhael
Jennie Davis
Animation & Motion Design
Headshot of Jennie Davis
Adrian Duyzer
Creative Technology
Mark Underdown
Audio Branding & Sound Design
A headshot of Mark Underdown
Spencer Russell
Finance & Business Operations
A headshot of Spencer Russell

the collective mined

Over the years, we’ve built up a diverse network of talented collaborators and partners to help bring creative visions to life. Whether it’s our hands on the tools or another’s, our approach is to align with you on what your business needs in order to succeed, then define what role everyone should play in helping you get there.

What We Believe

What makes certain minerals so precious? Why do we attribute so much value to gold, gems, crystals and the like? Is it the rarity and beauty of these elusive rocks that compels us to dig so deeply? Perhaps.

Yet, much of what we experience in life is shallow; our regular state is typically uninspired, status quo, sedentary. The walls are either grey and empty or haphazardly saturated to the point of overstimulation…both accepted as a natural state.

Well, we don’t think that’s okay.
We’re convinced life is to be filled with intentional beauty. Progress and innovation is propelled when we envision a better world, the beauty therein causing us to stop, delight, and participate. Within relationships, cultures, and lives we constantly strive for beauty—within commerce there must also be this pursuit. It's this intention that sets brands, experiences, people apart. The future we envisage is more considered, more thoughtful, and we’ll have our part in creating that world.

What drives this desire for beauty is what we’ve ascertained to be one of the greatest positive drivers in humanity: curiosity. We seek to embody this through our practice with our creative process. We immerse ourselves into understanding the context of the task at hand and always work with a North Star, compelled by the possibility of better, a fuel for progress.

The world we’re building isn’t created alone; that’s where you come in. Ambitious, inspiring, discontent with the current state of affairs. You too know the value of digging deep to get to the good stuff. You’re no stranger to dreaming of what could be and we’re dreamers too; working with the groundbreakers among us to build a more beautiful world.
Working with Rony has elevated and inspired the way we conduct business. The aesthetic of the assets that Rony designs are beautiful, creative and exceed what we can typically imagine: they are artwork in themselves. But what he has also done is encouraged us to think beyond the aesthetic to our clients' experience to ensure every part of purchasing artwork is as magical an experience as it should be. I could not recommend his services highly enough.
Jasmine Lazdins, AGH Art Sales & Services